About Us

Dramtubes was formed in 2019 with the aim of allowing individuals to taste different types of whisky but without necessarily incurring the expense of buying a full bottle.

Whisky was made to be drunk, there is no doubt about that, however the value of unopened, rare whiskies cannot be understated. As such, there are multitudes of bottles containing gorgeous liquor that are kept sealed and untasted worldwide.

Dramtubes offers patrons the chance to taste some of these whiskies within a beautifully presented gift box. These drams can then be replenished through the website and a new set of personally selected whiskies sent out.

As well as our core range, we have a plentiful supply of limited release whiskies and independent bottler products with unique finishes that many would not have the opportunity to try otherwise. Where else could you have the chance to sample a 30 year old Macallan for example?

Welcome note from Alan Irvine

Having worked within in the licensed trade for well over 25 years and with a love of traditional music being a drummer of a Grade 1 World Championship winning Pipe Band and Scots Trad Award winner with The Alan Crookston Ceilidh Band there is nothing better in life for me than good music with a dram.

I principally wanted to be on board with Dramtubes as a project to make quality and highly sought after whisky more accessible. I see first-hand daily the disappointment of customers being priced out of buying a bottle or not being able to get a limited release. There is also an inherent financial risk and buyers regret on whether, once opened, it is the dram for you, especially when your new to whisky drinking…… I get it, it can be very daunting !  

 Dramtubes looks to alleviate all of these concerns, putting you in control to delve into a wide range of sought after whisky available.

The 25ml measure tube comes to you in a handy cardboard robust packaged within a bubble envelope which has been road-tested as a safe means of keeping your precious dram secure.

At Dramtubes we meet HMRC regulations guidelines for decanting Scotch Whisky. Finished your Dram why not share some of your collection with a friend by filling the tube and recycling.

Dramtubes allows all levels of tasting experience to be involved in getting back to what whisky for me is all about….The Drinking.

The world of whisky can be a daunting one to enter into. With such a wide range of regions, distilleries and casks, it can be difficult to know where to start. Dramtubes offers the opportunity to sample a range of different flavour profiles in order to identify where an individual’s palette lies.

With prices starting from £49 for our bronze 6 pack range and individual tubes starting from £3.95, there really is something for everyone.

Dramtubes is fully licensed and has been granted compliance under the strict regualtions of HMRC and the Scottish Whisky Association.