What is Dramtubes?

Dramtubes is a concept introduced to help patrons sample an extensive range of top-class whiskies that they otherwise might not be able to taste. As well as our core range, we have a wide variety of independent bottler and limited batch releases which enables both a fresh whisky fanatic or an experienced lover to try something novel.

What products can I buy?

We have lots of gift sets in bespoke, 6 dram, wooden presentation boxes. Our Bronze range is ideal for new whisky drinkers while our Silver range is great as a palate-expander for casual samplers. Our Gold range is a perfect gift for an experienced connoisseur with the drams including private cask and strictly limited releases.

Can I request specific drams?

We also sell tubes individually so if it’s a particular dram you’re wanting to try - just send us an email with the whisky you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do.

What do I do once Ive tried all my drams?

Replenish them, of course! Simply hop over to our website and select your whiskies from there and we’ll send out your new tubes in protective cardboard presentation boxes for you to refill your box and start sampling all over again.

How often can I order?

As often as you’d like! There’s no limit on orders and you’ll have them as quickly as the post allows us.

How much does it cost?

Our gift sets begin from only £49 while our individual tubes begin from just £3.95.

Can I set my own monthly subscription amount?

We can accommodate monthly scheduled payments of any amount and then send you specially selected drams within that budget.

Do you post and can parcels be sent abroad?

Yes and yes! Depending on international alcohol duty regulations, we can send Dramtubes almost anywhere. Please refer to Shipping information of the website to double check if the country in question has import duty requirements which need to be met or email us if you’re still unsure.